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This is my explanation of all the resources I have on my sidebar.


Rejoice Ministries Daily Devotions

Great great resource for those fighting for your marriage. I wish I would have known about them when I began my fight. You will see that MANY are standing and believing for a miracle. Brave people!!! They will inspire you!


Love and Respect

Another great resource for marriage. You should go buy the book today. Do not buy it for your spouse buy it for yourself. Don’t even ask them to read it or lay it on the table for them to get the hint. You read it and you begin changing! Just a year and a half ago I saw it for sale in our church bookstore and I thought to myself I’m going to buy this for Darin. We are doing well now it should be fine. As I was paying for it I heard the Holy Spirit say you put that book down. Let Darin buy it for himself. I ignored the Holy Spirits voice and bought it anyway and walked away feeling not so good about what I just did. A few minutes later I ran into a friend in the hallway and she saw what book I was holding and she said “I want that Book” so I said, “here you go!” I gave it away before Darin saw I had it. She offered to pay for it but I said no I should not have bought it you can have it…my gift.

You would think by now I would have learned not to be the Holy Spirit for Darin but I am still learning. My encouragement to you is this. Never ever buy a marriage book for your spouse to read. No matter how good the book is, if you buy it for your spouse, it will then get in God’s way! ¬†God does not need you or I to set up a scenario for Him to fix things.


You Version

This is a Bible app you can download for FREE!!!! It’s awesome!!! Go do it now if you can!!!! It is wonderful!!! When I think of it Macy pulls up the verse of the day on our way to school and she reads it to me. Go download it!!!


Dave Ramsey

If you have read my blog for any length of time you know communicating about finances was a HUGE HUGE problem for Darin and I. I would get so angry Oh my it was bad! Dave Ramsey helped us get on the same page. He is for the spender and the saver and brings you both toward the middle. You think it is going to ¬†stifle you but it will free you up. This is another thing I would start doing today! I’m not going to say its easy but its worth it!!!! This is the order of importance I give it in my life.

1 Knowing Jesus

2 Marrying Darin

3 Macy and Sky

4 Being committed to a local church

5 Dave Ramsey

Go do it today! The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. It is a very good idea to know how to handle something that has that kind of power in our world today.


Waking the Dead

This is a very good book our counselor in Michigan encouraged us to read. Very good especially if your marriage is dead! Again don’t ask your spouse to read it. Our counselor actually gave it to Darin to read but I read it, he didn’t.


Healing Life’s Hurts

This is the type of counseling that God used to bring enormous healing in our lives! ENORMOUS!!! Another great book to read and if you ever have the opportunity to talk and pray with someone who has been trained in this type of counseling I would encourage you to do so. Make sure they come recommended and are qualified. Darin and I personally believe everyone can benefit from this, no matter who you are.


Deception of Disease

This is my best friend Christa’s book. It is a story of how she took her two oldest daughters back from Autism. It is a story of faith that will inspire you no matter what you are facing. You never know why you click with certain people. Christa and I had gone to Bible College together and were not close friends then but later on we became best friends. Little did we know that we would fight an impossible situation at the same time. She would fight for her daughters as I was fighting for my husband. Same faith different story! Go buy her book today! It will inspire you!


Hiding Place

This is another story about Faith and Suffering. As a little girl my Dad would read to us as a family and this is one of the books he read. My dad would always cry as he read these amazing stories or fall asleep if he was tired. Little did I know that it was this book that was read to me when I was about 10 years old that would run through my mind when I was fighting for my marriage. My dad did not know at the time that at 10 he was teaching me how to embrace suffering and fight the good fight of faith.


Faith Like Potatoes

This is another awesome book that inspires me. It is a movie too. A little slow but AWESOME! A close friend of mine Lynette told me about this movie that she loved. She herself has had her own fight of Faith in the midst of tremendous suffering and it encouraged her in the middle of her storm.


I am still working on writing the Adoption Story and The Stadium. I apologize that I haven’t written those yet. Now that Macy is back in school I have a more time. I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my blog! It means so much to me. I am not joking!


So that is what is up with the sidebar,


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