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The Wound

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I had a dream several weeks ago that I want to share with you. Let me stress it was a dream but very real at the same time.

It was terrible.

In this dream Darin and I were married but did not have any children.

We didn’t have Macy or Skyler.


My Dream

Darin and I adopted a baby girl. We got her as a baby and had her for a period of time. In my dream it felt like about a year or maybe even two, I know she was walking. As time passed we were out and about and found this other little girl. For some reason Darin and I started talking and we decided we wanted that little girl instead. So we searched and found one of my friends that would take our first baby we adopted so that we could adopt this other baby girl.

My dream ended with us in a restaurant desperately talking with our agency because we had realized what we had done and we wanted to fix it.

I got up the morning I had the dream and said to myself out loud, that was an awful dream!!!

I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me and say Julie you know how to think of someone doing that makes you cringe inside, gasp and grab your heart, you can almost feel the wound that would occur if that ever happened? You can literally feel the deep rejection and feel the deep wound. The wound would be so deep you could not measure it. Even if it was a necessary situation it would still be just as heartbreaking. I said yes Lord…he said that is the closest example I can give you of what it feels like to me when there is a divorce.

I don’t know how to explain what I was feeling quite right but it is as if there is a gaping wound, deep wound in heaven. That when a divorce occurs the pain is actually felt in heaven. The pain actually travels in space from your heart to God’s heart. That heaven actually gasps with sorrow with every single divorce! When you divorced Heaven gasped.


Please know we are praying for everybody we know!


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