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The Twinkies

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You know how your kids have never had a Twinkie

Well your husband’s new girlfriend

Who throws him all kinds of respect

Lots and lots of respect

Loves Twinkies

When you move out

She will move in

She will be bringing her Twinkles with her and there will be

NOTHING productive you can do about it

We live in a society which promotes “good eating”, “clean eating”, buying “organic”, Non GMO’s, and the latest is “Whole 30” I think… on and on it goes. Millions of dollars are spent and millions of dollars are made promoting “eating right”. Everyday as a mom I wake up and think what am I going to feed my family. Like many of you I try to make healthy things. I stay away from the “middle isles”.

But…want I want to stress to you and frankly anyone who will listen to me is this…your kids would be better off eating twinkles every. single. day. if it means their family unit is intact.

While your busy worrying about “clean eating” and worrying about whatever society wants you to concern yourself with a lion is crouching about seeking who he can devour.

Clean eating isn’t the most important thing after all is it?

No…your family staying together is the most important.

Now no-one makes money promoting this

But it’s the truth.

You see…

Once your divorce becomes final you will not have time, energy, or money to even think about “clean eating”.

If you don’t believe me ask the Single Mom you sit by at work.

The single Mom who never stops

Because she can’t

Ask her if “clean eating”

Is at the top of her list

Top of the list of things she needs to concern herself with

We are praying for all of you. Read the Word today. Start with Proverbs 10 or Psalm 10. Do that. Then do what it says. In Faith. Darin and I and our two girls are where we are because we “Obeyed our way out”. First I did and then Darin followed. It’s not an accident or some fluke that we are even able to write and encourage you. NO accident. Darin and I are just regular people who simply did what the Word said to do. Come on now. You can persevere, you can change, you can obey, there is grace for this.

This pic was taken while I was at home taking a nap a couple of years ago. I can promise you these are not fake smiles and my nap wasn’t fake either. I slept so hard someone came to our door and I didn’t wake up. What a miracle! What a miracle our lives are. God has pic’s like this with your faces on them. Come on now you can do it!


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