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The “New Normal”

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God spoke to me many times out of Proverbs 24 regarding my marriage.

In 2008 God used verses 3 and 4 to give me courage by showing me the benefits of not just knowing his word but understanding it.

In 2008 again, God used verses 5 and 6 to remind me of how important and necessary it is to have Pastors, qualified counselors, and faith filled friends in your life when you’re engaged in battle.

Later again in 2008, only this time it was in November, God used verse 27 to tell me it was okay to leave Oregon and move to Michigan.

It was not until I started writing my blog in January of 2011 that God showed me the verses below.


Proverbs 24:11-12

Rescue those being led away to death;

hold back those staggering toward slaughter.

If you say,”But we knew nothing about this,”

does not he who weighs the heart perceive it?

Does not he who guards your life know it?

Will he not repay each person according to what

he has done?


So what I am saying is this:

Darin and I and our two girls are grateful to God that he himself gave us the courage, ability, strength, and PATIENCE to not accept what is now become the “new normal” regarding marriage. Divorce. And also, we would be in big trouble with God if we did not encourage you to ask God to help you in the same way he helped us.

I know there are many of you that God is asking, like he asked me, to stand, wait, and trust, that He alone can fix things. I believe he  is going to use you to make a difference in this life! You can’t make much of a difference in this world if you don’t have the understanding and authority difficult experience gives you!

It is one thing to say God can do the impossible but listen to me…he really can!!! I have seen it with my own eyes! Darin and I should not be married right now let alone have a good marriage!!!

I used to think our personalities and love for God would get us far in making a difference in this life but I was sorely mistaken. It has been the deep difficult dealings of God that as made Darin and I difference makers…real difference makers!

You will not believe what God has in store for you and your family! But you have to persevere!!!

Don’t settle for the “new normal” regarding your marriage!

Please know Darin and I know this is hard! We know this but you can do it!!! God needs you! He is going to use you to affect change in situations you have only dreamed about!

Don’t accept normal!

And besides normal is ordinary and who wants to be ordinary!

If Esther, King David, Daniel, and Gideon chose to go with whatever was “new normal” in their day they probably would not have even been mentioned in the Bible and even worse many many people would have lost their lives!

Be a difference maker!


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