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The “Good Lord”

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When Darin read this post he wished he could have been here to hear Macy sing because it seemed so unusual. 

I was thinking about how people call God the “good Lord” like He is a jeannie in a bottle. I decided to look up verses that talk about how God is good. I came upon Lamentations 3. As I was reading the verses Macy was playing with her Dora and Care Bear dominos that a friend recently gave us. Her parents are getting a divorce so they had to sell there big beautiful home and move into a condo. So now she gets to wake up without her Dad most mornings and her Mom has to get a job. Breaks my heart. As I was reading and praying to myself for those of you that are in distress and asking the Lord who this verse was for….Macy without knowing what I was doing began to sing these words:

Why are you doing this to my husband

Why are you doing this to my husband

Why are you doing this to my husband

I didn’t do anything

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing

Read Lamentations 3 and ask the Lord to speak to you through them

You will see that

God is not a jeannie in a bottle

Where you can demand what you want

He is holding the bottle

And He commands what He wants

He is saying

You go there

And you go here

You do this

And you over there do that


Not there


Love you and praying you will have the courage to trust that the Bible is TRUE and God is  in control and He knows what all of you need! Lean into Jesus today.

I remember when Darin and I were separated the last time and he walked into our house and said to me, with a big smile on his face, “I have never been happier!” I just looked at him and didn’t say anything. Shortly thereafter I was served with divorce papers.

I reminded Darin of that time this morning and he said he does not remember saying that because back then he was never happy.

Darin looked and sounded like he was in total control of his life and consequently mine but  if you were to look at our life now you would see that God most definitely had a plan.

You can do this!



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