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So You Think Your Important

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Years ago I had someone pray for me

They told me

I worry about what people think way too much

That If I please God I will please everyone that matters

What I discovered is this

There aren’t a lot of important people in this world

If you have alot of people patting you on the back saying

Your doing the right thing

It’ll be ok

We’ve all been there

It gets better with time

Don’t worry there’s someone else out there for you that will meet ALL your needs

Again if alot of people are telling you this

You might be walking strait out of the will of God

When it comes to your marriage

Beware of trying to please the masses in such a way

That you miss your miracle

Your spouses miracle

Your kid’s miracle too

This is also their story


God still hates divorce

Hated it when the Bible was written

And He hates now

Would God not help you overcome something He hates


Take the time to read Proverbs 14 today. Ask God to speak to you through His precious Word that was written with your story in mind. It was! God had you and your spouse in mind when the Bible was being written. He did!!!!

Think of the story of David going after Goliath. The masses…everyone but David was afraid! Yet that day his obedience saved an entire nation!!!! It is possible that your obedience is going to save a nation! We must turn the tide and reverse the direction marriage is going!

I pray that God will give you divine wisdom for your specific situation and that you will be able to confidently make the decisions you have to make. That you will hear exactly what you need to hear and be able to sift though all the noise!

Sometimes the decision He is asking you to make is simply to decide to wait!






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