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Should I Believe or Shouldn’t I

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There is something that is concerning me and I believe making people’s stand even longer and that is, this vacillating back and forth. Should I stand or shouldn’t I. Should I believe or shouldn’t I.

We have lost our backbone

The Bible says a double minded man is unstable in all his ways…

Please take time to google that verse and read it

Please take time to read the entire passage

You see you cannot truly fight if you have one foot in and one foot out

So how do you get there

How do you know

God wants you to fight

The Word

You go to the Word

Not your friends

Not your family

Not even your pastor

You must go to the Word

You would never go to your pastor and get their permission to fight for your son’s healing

You wouldn’t ask your Mom

Or your best friend

It would be preposterous

Instead you would call them up and say

This is what has just happened


This is how we are going to fight this



I have been really praying about this for all of you and asking God how can I help them with this back and forth-ness.

So this is what I feel the Lord told me:

Don’t ask the Lord if you guys should get a divorce but instead ask Him if you guys are one of the ones He wants to restore.

And then wait for his answer.


We are praying friends!

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