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No One Matters

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Am I saying fight for your marriage

It don’t matter what I say

Is your Pastor saying fight for your marriage

It doesn’t matter what he says

Is your BFF saying fight for your marriage

It doesn’t matter what she says either

What about your Mom and Dad

They don’t matter

Your Uncle and Aunt

Your cousins

Your neighbor

Your roommate

Don’t matter

None of them matter

Only one person matters

What is God telling you

The ONLY one who knows your future

The only one who knows what is going to happen 5 minutes from now

What is He telling you

And by the way

By Pastor not mattering

I mean the Pastor that asks you to

Give and Serve every single Sunday

That pastor

And every Sunday for years you have said to yourself

I don’t make enough money to give and I don’t have enough time to serve

But suddenly when you go to that same pastor

And tell him your awful story

He agrees with you and says

You have no choice but to file

You actually listen to that

You don’t listen to him when he says


and  Serve

You just listen

When he says quit

Don’t put this on your pastor

Put this on yourself

You matter

You decide

You change

You cry out to God

You say Lord I hear and I obey

Tell me what to do

And I will do it

I don’t care what it is


We talk about God doing a new thing all the time. It is so fun to say and hear everyone cheer. Yes! Yeah!!! He is doing something new!

Living this out is brutal! Difficult! Treacherous and eventually Glorious! Friends, He loves us so much and He is not going to ever leave you there to rot but you have to do whatever He tells you to do. You just got to. Remember this one tip: He usually only gives you one thing to focus on at a time and then you build on that.

So for example when God first started helping me because I was finally ready to listen He said, be nice to Darin don’t scream, preach, or tell him how he was to do things. I just started there. VERRRRY hard to do. I made tons of mistakes. But God kept comforting me and loving me so much, just like He loves you. When I wanted to scream I remembered that verse he gave me in 1 Peter 3 about how some will be won over without words. God helped me every day to be able to do that and now I have an awesome amazing wonderful husband. There is not a man on the planet that I would rather call my husband than Darin Sims. Every time I say my full name…Julie Sims I think to myself, the enemy tried to take my last name away, thank you God that I am Darin’s wife. It isn’t lost on me to this day. I am proud and grateful Ito be a Sim’s. See my precious friends God did a new thing! Its a miracle. How is that possible. God’s amazing love thats how.


Shake off that discouragement. We love you guys!







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