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My Cake is Not as Bad as His Cake

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This is in response to what I have been posting on facebook today 4/7/2014.

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I remember one of the times that I had to humble myself during our struggle. Darin and I were separated at the time. The circumstances, apart from God’s intervention, were completely and totally hopeless.

Anyway we had special speakers come to our church this one particular weekend. It just so happened that the special speakers were a couple that I went to Bible College with and they were at our church to speak about marriage of all things. Now normally this would have not been a big deal for me even then but the problem is I went on a date with this guy before he and his wife dated and got married. We never seriously dated but when you attend a small college going out with someone its always big deal.

What I now know is God was setting me up for later! He does do that you know!

I believe I led worship that night. If I didn’t lead I was still on the platform on the mic supporting whoever did lead because that is what I did. I remember it so clearly. I walked of the platform and sat down in the back as my friend began to share about marriage.

The whole service would have gone off without a hitch for me except for the fact, that my friend had a prayer time afterwords and asked anyone struggling in their marriage to stand up and he would pray for them. I was sitting there talking to God, looking up at my friend, I was saying to the Lord…are you serious? I have to respond to ¬†an alter call that my friend, who I went out with is doing? No Lord come on!!!! This is just not right! Have I not stood in Faith like a champ? Have I not overcome all kinds of evil with all kinds of good? This is ridiculous!

But I knew in my heart that I needed to humble myself and admit before God that I needed His help.

This was humiliating.

You see I wanted to sit there and eat my cake.

My Cake was Pride and Self-Righteousness and still is by the way!


You see I believe as I humbled myself that night at church something began to shift in our marriage. Had I not done some of these things that were very hard to do I might be still standing for my marriage today. The Bible says in 1 Peter 5 that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. Listen to me I NEEDED GRACE! You ask anyone who knows me back then and they will tell you I NEEDED GRACE and according to the Bible there is only one way to get it! When you are standing for your marriage you don’t want God resisting you or opposing you! Come on now!

I am praying for you that you will humble yourself and ask God to begin a work of grace in your life and trust him for your spouses life! You worry about your cake let God worry about theirs!



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