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Leaving my ‘perfect’ life. Part 3

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Training in Florida

So Darin finally makes it to Florida. He stopped at his sisters house on the way and she was able to get him in to see a doctor for his shingles. He had gone to an eye doctor in Montana but it was at the beginning stages so they thought it was just something in his eye. He finally got medicine got some relief from the pain and went to training.

When the government originally called Darin they offered him a Customs Agent position. This is not the job he wanted but he had been denied his dream job as a Federal Interdiction Agent twice and was getting to the age where he would be to old to get any position. So when they called him and offered him a Customs Agent position he took it. He was told that once you are in the system it is easier to move around and get promoted so he thought he would put his time in and hopefully move up to his dream job.

Darin’s Dream Job

It took only two weeks into his training as a Customs Agent that Darin received a call and was offered a position as a Federal Interdiction Agent. They also told him he would no longer be working in Montana but would be moving to Detroit Michigan.

So I was back to looking for churches on the internet only instead of Montana it was now Michigan. I found Metro South Church, the church we attend now, by googling contemporary churches. They had a very cool site and I loved the song they had playing on it so I figured we would check them out when and if we moved there.

Back in Oregon

I was back in Oregon waiting on the Lord asking him what to do. I needed to hear from Him clearly because it was a huge deal to pack up everything and leave behind all my support.

One of the issues that I had with Darin that always bothered me a great deal was he was missing the ‘I want to protect you as your husband’ chip in his head and heart.

He just wasn’t very protective and it really bothered me. I wanted him to worry about me when I drove places and I wanted him to be concerned if I came home late. It is so different now but back then before God did some healing in his heart he was missing that chip.

God told me two things regarding moving. One was what Darin had to begin doing and the other was what I had to do.

God told me as soon as Darin started becoming protective I could go. Our Pastor was also in communication with him regarding all this.  Darin began looking for houses for us to rent. He included me in all the searches for rentals which I really appreciated. He was setting things up for his family to come. He was making sure everything was being taken care of.

Once that started happening God gave me a verse to go. It was on November 24th, 2008.

Proverbs 24:27

Put your outdoor work in order
and get your fields ready;
after that, build your house.

What God spoke to me through this verse was:

(my outdoor work)

Get my business in order, start transitioning out.

(get my fields ready)

My music ministry, I started working with the youth on Wednesdays to prepare them, and we had a music conference with one of my mentors right before I left and this helped me feel like I was leaving with things put in order.

(after that, build your house)

Then I could go build my house with Darin and Macy.

Amazing verse. You can see how I had such courage. God kept giving me verse after verse that enabled me to make very difficult and risky decisions. If I continued to do what the Word said to do I would be safe. This little verse made me very brave!

So I packed up said goodby to all those we loved and who loved us and came to Michigan.

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