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It’s So Easy

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It’s so easy to say

With passion and conviction

Don’t drink

When you hate the taste of alcohol

Or never acquired a taste

It’s so easy to say

With passion and conviction

Gays should not marry

When your not gay

Or close to someone that is

It’s so easy to say

Stop eating everything

When your not fat

Or live with someone who is

But why

Oh why

Are we not saying

With passion and absolute conviction

Stay married

Work through your issues

No matter how bad they are





Stand in the Gap

For the hardest person to love

Which just happens to be your spouse

If we as Christians win this current battle

Regarding “marriage”

And then the very next day

Encourage someone

Who is married

And struggling

To call it quits

Then my friends

We have missed  it

We are adamant about not drinking

We are adamant about not getting married if you are gay

But its ok to eat like crazy

And get a divorce

The devil laughs at our priorities



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