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Jerk or Superman? Dream #2

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I believe God gave me the second dream to give me direction in how to pray for Darin and our marriage.

The Dream

In my dream I was in a large mall. I was in front of two different boutique type stores.

The boutique on the right had people we knew and people we didn’t know. The boutique on the left was filled with people we didn’t know at all. There was a tall bookcase in the store that had the people we knew. Darin was on top of the bookcase. He had an adult head with the body of a baby. In my dream the Lord told me to take Darin off of the bookcase. I was to put him on my back and walk over to the store next door with the people we didn’t know. I was to rebuke them in the name of Jesus because they were demons and they were tormenting him. I told the people I knew that this is what I was to do and they said that is not true they are not demons that is ridiculous! In my dream I said to them, Oh yes they are and I marched over to the store next door and rebuked them in the Name of Jesus with Darin on my back.

Immediately after I rebuked them the scene changed in my dream. Darin was now the size of a grown man and I was now holding onto his back. Darin was flying like superman through a very large city. We were going so fast I could feel the speed in my dream and it scared me. I cried out to God don’t let us fall don’t let us fall. God then showed me the angelic tracks we were flying on. He revealed to me the skid marks from the angels using them. It was like heavenly plexiglass. I knew by seeing the track that we would not fall. Then in my dream we were dumped off in front of a restaurant and suddenly I was by myself out side a large college.

In my dream and when I awoke I felt God tell me the fight for Darin and I was finished but it was not time for us to be together and I was to continue to wait.

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