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I Got No Ego Left

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Nothing like a BAD marriage or a very difficult trial to make you feel “less than”. ‘

Oh the enemy loves seeing your ego crushed! He just loves it so much. It makes him happy.

What if this is really what is going on:

Without your permission, although you kind of did give God permission when you sang I surrender all zillions of times, but, out of  nowhere comes an event that you didn’t plan for, you were not trained for, you don’t deserve, and as a result you have never felt feelings like this, fear like this, and doubt like this.  This trial came and is doing its best to destroy you and guess what that is exactly what this trial is meant to do. DESTROY you and everything after you. Crush you, crush your spirit, and destroy you heart!

But what if this is also happening:

You just got enrolled in an elite army! An army of the very best, the brightest, the bravest and you are actually going to be used to destroy the works of the evil one with your very own hands because God, without you even knowing, has trained your hands for war! My friend, because you have Jesus living inside of you, you have become powerful over the years and didn’t even know it. You have become smart through various smaller trials and you can’t see it. This trial, if you respond right, will not destroy you but it will MAKE you!

You can’t see because of fear, doubt and shame.

Rise up warrior and take your place among the very bravest of the brave. Who is brave among you! The Bible says this In Psalm 23. He sets a table before us in the prescence of our enemies. Only those who have been trained by the Most High can stand there and wait and watch and listen.  When the whole world is saying run, and even your own mind says run,  your heart, your brave heart is saying stay! Your heart is saying we are going to watch God set this table put out the china, the goblets, the silver, in the presence of he who is salivating with hate!

Take time to read Proverbs 12 today, it is filled with promises.

Please know, I know exactly what it feels like to have my ego crushed as I trusted and obeyed!

Pray over your heart that nothing would get in the way of you being trained by this trial. This is very important. I have said this before and I will say this again, for four years I was focused on Darin changing instead of myself. I seriously thought I was already trained but I mistaken. Don’t be like me. You must change. Ask God to take any self-righteousness, haughtiness and pride out of your heart.


Love you my dear friend!


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