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Dream #1

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God gave me 3 dreams that were very significant during these difficult times. This is the first dream I believe God gave me to increase my courage and give me hope for our future together.

The Dream

In my dream Darin and I were walking together down a very dark alley in a big city. As we walked down this alley 3 vicious dogs came up to harm us. In the dream Darin and I said in the Name of Jesus be gone and they barked and squealed away.

Then some time past in this dream and Darin and I were again walking together down the same dark alley. The same vicious dogs came up to harm us again but this time we did not say anything and the dogs barked and squealed away.

The Lord spoke to my heart that morning when I awoke and I felt him say to me that prior to Darin and I walking through this dark trial we could speak the name of Jesus and the enemy would flee but the day would come when the power of God would be so evident and so strong in our lives the enemy would flee without us even speaking a word.

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