If God has asked you to be faithful in a difficult marriage, then this is the blog for you!

The “New Normal”

  God spoke to me many times out of Proverbs 24 regarding my marriage. In 2008 God used verses 3 and 4 to give me courage by showing me the benefits of not just knowing his word but understanding it. In 2008 again, God used verses 5 and 6 to remind me of how important […]

I Will Not Be Ashamed!

Romans 1:16,17 I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. For in the Gospel of righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is […]

My Cake is Not as Bad as His Cake

This is in response to what I have been posting on facebook today 4/7/2014. You can go to my page and see what I have written it is public. You can also request to be my friend and I will accept it. I remember one of the times that I had to humble myself during […]

The Dreaded Shed

I don’t think I will ever get tired of Seeing something in God’s precious Word That I never ever saw before Although I have read And heard this verse literally Thousands of times When I was a District Manager for Aflac I use to go to meetings and have meetings. Basically I said the same […]

Should I Believe or Shouldn’t I

There is something that is concerning me and I believe making people’s stand even longer and that is, this vacillating back and forth. Should I stand or shouldn’t I. Should I believe or shouldn’t I. We have lost our backbone The Bible says a double minded man is unstable in all his ways… Please take […]

This Little Light of Mine

Yesterday I was thinking about all the people I know that do not know Jesus. I was asking the Lord what I could say To them Or what I could do So that they could see How great knowing Him is I said out loud in my car What could I have done differently Lord […]

But I Do Lack

Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing He makes me lie down in green pastures He leads me beside quiet waters He refreshes my soul He guides me along the right paths For His name sake Even though I walk through the darkest valley I will fear no evil For you are […]

You’re Not Lying You’re Just Not Talking

A key element in fighting for my marriage and family was keeping my mouth shut. I have mentioned this several times but when I was in the middle of our battle I picked 5 people to tell everything to. Our Pastors, my counselor, and two friends. I checked in with these people on a very […]

The Wound

I had a dream several weeks ago that I want to share with you. Let me stress it was a dream but very real at the same time. It was terrible. In this dream Darin and I were married but did not have any children. We didn’t have Macy or Skyler.   My Dream Darin […]

Here I Am Lord

Who is it that is going to stay the course Who is it Dont you want it to be you Don’t you want God to look down from heaven and say See that one right there See her I can count on her See him See his heart I can count on him He’s mine […]