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Building a Necessary Fence

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This post is written by Darin
Hi Everyone,
So I have something I want to say.
I’m not sure this will go over well but I hope I can articulate it in such a way that you can see it comes from a pure motive. I admire everyone’s stance and their journey and effort they are putting forth.
But may I offer a question
That I want you to ask yourself
You know how you drive down a mountain road and you see the guard rails off to the right side, well they keep you from driving off the road, they keep you safe.
Well is it possible you need some guard rails in your stance?
Do you need some boundaries to keep you safe?
Or have your let your prodigal have full access because your too afraid not to.
When my wife was in her stance, she set some boundaries. They were emotional , financial, and practical boundaries. In doing that, she guarded herself. She better prepared herself to last for the long haul, “The Stand”. The boundaries never caused me to push back harder. In fact they caused me to increase my respect for her; they caused me to ponder her strength to stand.
The boundaries told me that she was stronger than I gave her credit for and I found that appealing.
The stand can wear you down can it not?
Be wise brothers and sisters. Is there some guard rails you might consider?????

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