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Now Thats Submission

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I remember another time so vividly.

The state of Oregon requires all couples with children that are getting a divorce to attend a court ordered meeting that teaches you how to deal with your kids in the wake of a divorce. They try to teach you how to communicate and begin to work together civily. They give you stats about how kids that have divorced parents who are amicable toward eachother fair alot better than the kids whose parents don’t get along and fight. Now I of course agree with this concept and write about the importance of getting along with your X in this post, Its too late and you don’t know my X.

When we were in this meeting I remember this woman that was in the room with us , she was smiling like she was so happy she was getting divorced.  I know this is judgemental because I have no idea what she was leaving behind but I was so so sad that I had to sit there I could not smile for anything. I remember thinking the only reason she could  be smiling if she was having an affair and going to go sleep with whoever she was leaving her husband for in celebration of ending her marriage.

I also remember seeing a couple that broke my heart. They were so young and you could see pain all over them. I actually knew the girl when she was just 5 years old… So sad. Just not right.

I wanted to scream out do you see that this is a a trick. Divorce is modern day slavery. Slavery is having others dictate what you can and cannot do. People say I’m not going to submit to anyone…no one tells me what to do…I make my own rules. They reject verses in the Bible that talk about it. Suddenly you have to plan your weekends and vacations around someone who you can’t stand or that can’t stand you, suddenly your forced to give someone money that doesn’t respect you, and if you don’t do it they will garnish your wages. Some of you say well I will just hide my money…from who? You think God doesn’t see it? You just can’t pick up and move where ever you want too, suddenly you have to say good by to your precious baby for an extended period of time that the court dictates and you have no control over what they do when they are away from you. Now thats submission. How true is this… people submit (lay down their life) all day long willingly to the court system, a system that is making money off their demise yet they refuse to submit (lay down their life) for  their spouse and ultimately for God who laid down His life for them for free.

Now I realize that there are those who actually need to take this option, to stay is a form of slavery but I do think for many people it’s the convenient choice not the best choice.


Don’t give up until God tells you to give up,




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