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A wife is a very good thing!

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I started reading Proverbs every day according to the date. So today I would read Proverbs 11 and so on. I cannot begin to tell you how powerful this was for me. I learned it from a Pastor when I was in Junior High and it gave me incredible courage during this season of our life. What I like about Proverbs is Its one liners all over the place. Very direct and to the point. I love Proverbs. You will see in my posts how I use verses in Proverbs quite a bit. These verses gave me direction for my marriage, parenting, business, and church ministry. They also helped me know what to pray.

I remember one time after Darin had filed for a divorce I kept telling him how I knew God could help us. It was the 18th and he had come home to visit Macy.  I could tell he was miserable and tormented. I said lets read Proverbs 18 and see if God speaks to you. I had not read it that day so I did not remember what it said. I began to read all the verses out loud to him and then I read vs 22 and guess what it says? He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord. I was so excited when I read that verse. I said God is going to help us, He is I just know it. Those kind of moments expanded my Faith. I would walk around my house and say your Word is the Bread of Life, feed me Lord! God would show me a verse when I needed it. Sometimes I would read it and get nothing. I always knew if God needed to tell me something He would.

I am convinced that there are certain verses that when written thousands of years ago God had me in mind. He had you in mind. God said when Paul was writing Romans,  Julie is going to need this verse to believe for a very difficult situation. Its going to look so impossible but its this verse  that will arm her with strength and the knowledge that I Am the I Am and I do what I say.  Macy likes to say, promise me Momma promise me. I promise you there are verses like that for you.

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